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JANUARY 19, 2014

AGE OF HEROES was one of my 99¢ movie purchases at the now deceased Burbank Blockbuster. I bought it because it’s a WWII flick that stars GAME OF THRONES’ Sean Bean and… Hey, it was 99¢

The film is based on the exploits of Britain’s 30 Assault Unit, an intelligence based commando unit formed in 1942 by none other than James Bond creator Ian Fleming.Major Jones (Sean Bean) leads the 30 Assault Unit on their first mission: Steal radar technology from inside German-occupied Norway. He puts together a ragtag group of soldiers culled for their specific skills, even pulling soldiers from military prison to get those best suited for a mission this suicidal. 

AGE OF HEROES is fairly standard World War II fair bringing nothing particularly new to the genre. It’s not bad; it’s just not groundbreaking. My big complaint about the movie is that it suffers from its obvious low budget. They attempted to make a movie beyond their means and gave it the old college try, but that unfortunately was not nearly enough. 

With that said, it’s definitely watchable and if you’re a WWII buff, you might enjoy it more than others. But if you like movies about high-stakes commando missions, I highly recommend watching the exceptional THE GUNS OF NAVARONE (1961) instead.