As much as I love narrative film, I can also really enjoy a good documentary. I’ve been known to watch docs on subjects that I could initially care less about and, if done well, come away thoroughly entertained and a little wiser. 

I saw TIM’S VERMEER as part of THE Q&A WITH JEFF GOLDSMITH series ( and when I first got the invite I almost dismissed it. I then saw that Penn & Teller produced the film and was curious enough to watch the trailer. I was instantly captivated and immediately got my tickets. 

I have included the TRAILER as well as a CLIP from the movie for your enjoyment. 

I’m happy to report that not only did the film exceed my expectations (based on the trailer), but it’s truly one of the most enjoyable films (narrative or doc) I’ve seen in some time. 

Tim Jenison is an inventor and founder of NEWTEK, the company that made the Video Toaster for the AMIGA as well as Lightwave, and the TriCaster system that is used for news broadcasts. After receiving a book from his daughter about the 17th Century Dutch Master Johannes Vermeer (known for such paintings as “Girl with a Pearl Earring”) he became obsessed with the mystery of how Vermeer was able to paint pictures that looked like photographs 150 years before the development of the camera. 

The film recounts the 5 year journey of Jenison coming up with a theory and then putting it to the test by recreating Vermeer’s painting “The Music Lesson” using only the tools that the artist could have obtained at the time. 

Oh, did I mention that Jenison doesn’t consider himself an artist and doesn’t know how to paint!

The film is utterly fascinating and at only 80 min. it leaves you wanting more. Jenison is a fascinating subject and you are left at the end in utter awe of this man and his tenacity as well as his accomplishments. 

TIM’S VENEER has already gained nominations for a number of prestigious awards and played in some of the biggest film festivals. It is 100% a MUST SEE MOVIE and I can’t recommend it enough.

JANUARY 30, 2014