PURCHASE                      INSTANT VIDEO


I bought a bunch of movies on Blu-Ray for $1.99 from the dwindling Blockbuster last week and INTRUDERS was amongst them for a few reasons:

A) It stars Clive Owen who I like as an actor. 

B) It’s directed by Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo who directed 28 WEEKS LATER. 

C) It has a cool cover. 

D) I had never heard of it and the plot sounded intriguing. 

I’m happy to say that I got my money’s worth, but mind you that was only $1.99 (+ tax). 

The story involves two children from different countries (Spain and England) and a malevolent spirit named Hollow Face that wants to steal their face as well as their souls. But everything isn’t exactly as it seems and the two children may be more connected than they realize. 

INTRUDERS is unconventional in many ways and reminded me of other films from Spain including Guillermo Del Toro’s fantastic and fantastical PAN’S LABYRINTH. There is a fairy tale air about the film that adds a nice change of pace from the typical supernatural horror film that this resembles. 

There is a twist that I won’t spoil but for me it became pretty obvious after awhile. Still, I appreciate the old college try to attempt something different and fresh with clichéd material. 

My biggest complaint is that it didn’t quite add up for me in the end and it misses its mark. Which is unfortunate because there are some great ideas within the narrative that just don’t “pan out” (pun intended). 

Ultimately INTRUDERS is quite watchable but it’s just a good film, not a great one.

JANUARY 6, 2014