OCTOBER 3, 2013

A soon as you're finished scratching your heads at this one, let me explain. Yes, I watch a lot of random stuff, but there is a method to my madness. Having seen so many (MANY) movies, I try to search out ones I haven't seen in hopes of finding that hidden gem amongst the mountain of rubble.
Well folks, this wasn’t it…
I’ll give THE SLEEPING CAR credit for at least attempting a story, but the tale of a recently divorced man (played by AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON’S David Naughton) who moves into a haunted converted railway car is weak at best. He’s renting the place while he goes back to school to finish his journalism degree, but that seems to be of less importance than hanging out at bars with his teacher and having “hanky-panky” with his new squeeze Kim, a really forward (and sexually liberated) young co-ed.
GREASE’S Jeff Conaway plays Naughton’s teacher and the performance is so over the top that he appears to be in a different movie from the others. Naughton’s Jason is also always cracking jokes like he’s in a comedy, which gets tedious after a while. There is also a hilarious amount of characters talking to themselves which in hindsight would make an awesome drinking game to compliment watching this.
The movie itself is akin to A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET with “The Mister,” the ghost of a train conductor standing in for Freddy Krueger. His main beef is to not have people mess with his stuff (I guess?). He’s played with full bravado by John Carl Buechler, who also provided the fairly decent Make-up FX in the movie.
I shall officially give THE SLEEPING CAR my first, “so bad it’s good review.” So watch at your own risk. It’s available to stream on NETFLIX.