GRAVITY (2013)

OCTOBER 8, 2013

Let’s cut right to the chase -- GRAVITY is a MASTERPIECE! I was blown away by this movie and it MUST be seen, not only in a theater, but also in 3D. What Director Alfonso Cuaron has given us is a true cinematic achievement; a triumph of the visual medium. This film excels on so many levels beyond just the storytelling.
Look folks, I’m extremely savvy when it comes to the nuts and bolts of filmmaking, especially Visual FX (having worked in the field for over 14 years). I honestly don’t comprehend how they filmed parts of this movie. The technical aspects are simply astonishing. I can’t wait to buy the über-edition Blu-Ray when it comes out that I’m assuming will explain it all to me.
Out of respect for those who haven’t seen GRAVITY, I’m not going to reveal any plot points in this review. I’m sure you have seen the amazing trailer and have a sense that things don’t go well for the shuttle astronauts on their current mission. I will say this; the film is relentless in ratcheting up the tension. I was literally (yes, I mean LITERALY!) on the edge of my seat for most of it and even cried out a few times when the adversity got too intense for me. What do you want from me, I break easily.
Sandra Bullock and George Clooney have never been better and it’s easy to predict that Bullock will be awarded an Oscar nomination for her role of a medical engineer on her first shuttle mission that turns into a fight for survival.
I can’t recommend this movie enough. Calling GRAVITY a “MUST SEE MOVIE” is an understatement.