My favorite horror movie of all time is Stuart Gordon’s RE-ANIMATOR (1985), a gory masterpiece with real heart and soul. So you’d think I’d be a fan of Gordon’s follow up FROM BEYOND. You’d be right. Not as eloquent as RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND is still quite a wild romp.
Based on a (very) short story by H.P. Lovecraft, it tells the tale of Dr. Pretorious (Ted Sorel) and his put upon assistant Crawford Tillinghast (Jeffrey Combs) as they have reached success with their experiment of tapping into a parallel universe that is beyond our vision. With a flip of a switch, the “Resonator” creates a field that allows those within it to see the hidden world. But unlike THEY LIVE (See Oct. 13, 2013 Movie a Day), this world is not populated by aliens, it’s the domain of the old gods that would like nothing better than to consume our souls.
When Pretorious meets a rather grim demise, Tillinghast is placed in custody as well as under the care of psychiatrist Dr. McMichaels (Barbara Crampton) to figure out what exactly happened on that fateful night. Bubba Brownlee (DAWN OF THE DEAD’s Ken Foree) is tasked with being the police escort when the trio head back to Pretorious’ house to recreate the events.
With the Resonator up and running again, anything and everything is possible. FROM BEYOND is jam-packed with slimy creatures and sex, as not only does the field bring death, but it also unlocks repressed sexual desire.
This movie is out there and has campy fun with the material, but it also takes itself seriously. If you like a change of pace from your standard horror tropes, then you can’t do much better than FROM BEYOND. It’s a unique film and still resonates today (See what I did there? I used the word “resonates” in my review…)


OCTOBER 14, 2013