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OCTOBER 19, 2013

Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers…Need I say more.
Surprisingly C.H.U.D. is better than you would expect from a film with such a ludicrous title. There was an effort made to tell a story with some social comment. That being the treatment of the homeless and how we are destroying our own world with toxins. Ultimately, we are potentially the true monsters of the story.
A cool concept for an environmental horror flick. Too bad it’s mishandled and clumsily made.
What’s also surprising is the cast that populates the seedy New York, crawling with mutant creatures with glowing eyes. It includes John Heard, Daniel Stern, Kim Greist and a brief scene with a young (and svelte) John Goodman. Not your typical cast for a low-budget monster movie and they make the film far more watchable then it deserves to be.
The plot centers on an area of New York where the homeless have gone missing, especially those that make their homes in the labyrinthine tunnels underground who only come up to the surface when they need food or supplies. When some “ordinary” citizens go missing as well, especially the wife of NYPD Captain Bosch (Christopher Curry), the city begins to take notice of the problem…Or are they trying to cover something up. Hmmmmm?
I won’t spoil the twist of what the creatures really are or what C.H.U.D. actually stands for in case you want to check the film out. I will say the filmamkers tried to do something a little cleverer than the average shlockfest. For better or for worse, the movie is a cult classic (even being mentioned on an episode of THE SIMPSONS) and if you’re a true horror fan, you should at least see it once in your lifetime. I mean, come on…It’s C.H.U.D., right?

C.H.U.D. (1984)

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