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OCTOBER 24, 2013

FRIDAY THE 13th - PART 2 (1981)

Continuing the FRIDAY THE 13th Marathon, I must say I’m a little flummoxed by how to exactly review PART 2. There really isn’t a plot to discuss. For it being 86 minutes long, 6 of those minutes are a recap of footage from the first film via a nightmare that lone survivor Alice (Adrienne King) is having.
Once the audience is caught up to speed, Alice is immediately dispatched via an awl (a sharp and pointy thingy) that she inexplicably has laying around in her kitchen. How the mongoloid Jason knew where she lived or got to the suburbs is beyond me (Would you give a ride to a guy with a sack over his head?).
The most hilarious moment is that the pre-titles sequence ends on a close up of the whistling teakettle that Alice had previously put on the burner. A dirty hand reaches over and removes it from the heat -- SMASH CUT to the opening logo!!! It’s nice to know that for being quite possibly the most brutal killer in cinema history, Jason is considerate enough to make sure that his victim’s water doesn’t overheat.
The rest of the movie is just lambs to the slaughter, this time taking place at a “Camp Blood” adjacent, counselor training facility. All the characters are generic and one by one they get dispatched. This time the killer is Jason, crazed for revenge for the decapitation of his mother in the previous entry (Oops, SPOILER ALERT!)
The few things that PART 2 has going for it is that the characters are still believable as actual human beings and it’s well shot with some honest to goodness visual flair. Steve Miner has a good eye for iconic shots and PART 2 has many of the ones most associated with the series.
If you’re a completist like me, you’ll endure this one. It’s brisk and doesn’t ask much from the audience but surprisingly the gore is not as graphic as you’d expect with many of the kill moments happening off screen or beyond the frame.