FRIDAY THE 13th - PART 3 3D (1982)

If PART 2 dispensed with the need for a story, PART 3 dispensed with the need for characters. They’ve been reduced to caricatures at this point and any semblance of caring for them has been slashed from the film (see what I did there…”slashed from the film”).
The reason this movie exists is apparently for the 3D gimmick, which is just that, a gimmick. I watched the movie in 3D starting with the old-school Red and Blue glasses that the Blu-Ray set provides you with. Annoyed by the low-tech approach (Really DVD makers, you couldn’t have updated it to proper 3D for this release?), I switched the movie back to 2D mode and then used my TV’s ability to convert 2D to 3D and my active-3D glasses instead. Surprisingly, it worked quite well probably given that the movie was shot for 3D.
That brings me back to the movie itself. There’s not much to say. New people come to Crystal Lake. Jason kills them. One of the characters had inexplicably survived a Jason attack the year before and she’s back to confront her demons (I’m making it sound more compelling than it is). She’s the one that faces him in the final smackdown.
The only good that came for this movie is that Jason finally gets his iconic hockey mask. Yes, FRIDAY THE 13th newbies, Jason didn’t get his mask until the 3rd movie! Of course how he gets it makes absolutely no sense.
The make-up FX are quite well done here and Jason is menacing as his character continues to take shape over the course of the series. Watch this entry if you’re a glutton for punishment like your’s truly.


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OCTOBER 25, 2013