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The 5th entry in the FRIDAY THE 13th series is just plain dreadful and I don’t mean that in a good way. Honestly you can stop reading this review if you want so I don’t waste your time like the makers of PART V did mine.
Oh, you’re still here?
Jason is dead having been dispatched in PART IV. But Corey Feldman’s Tommy Jarvis, now in his 20’s (portrayed by a brooding John Shepard) is still haunted by the events of that fateful night. He has been in and out of psychiatric facilities and now he’s shuttled off to a group home for troubled adults trying to rejoin society.
But one of the troubled adults has a psychotic break and turns another into bloody mulch with an axe. He’s taken into custody, but from that point on, a slew of deaths plague the area. And they are being dispatched by a hockey-masked killer! But Jason is dead?! Has Tommy taken up the mantle?
That sounds interesting, right? Well, whatever cleverness this premise could have had evaporates after the first 15 minutes. Tommy is logically never really a suspect and when the killer is ultimately revealed it is so laughably obvious because they practically tell you it’s him every time he’s on screen. SPOILER ALERT: It’s the friggin’ ambulance driver. Evidently the orphaned boy who was murdered was actually his son and he needed revenge.
Of course there is absolutely no discernable motive for why he’s killing just about anyone who appears on screen. At least Jason had an agenda: Come into his neck of the woods and you’re toast. Even though, the killer is angry at the group home, he kills more random people than those who supposedly deserve it. Jason could learn a thing or two from this guy.
What’s even more irritating is that pretty much all of the violence is off-screen. There are barely any of the make-up FX that were the hallmark of the series and it gets tedious watching the umpteenth person get their throat sliced or just bloodlessly stabbed. For those who like nudity, it seems like there are more naked breasts in this movie than the others combined…and that’s the only reason I’m giving this film half a reel.

OCTOBER 27, 2013