JASON X (2001)

Call me crazy, but I really enjoyed watching JASON X. With its tongue firmly in its cheek, it’s not only fun, but it’s well made. Directed by James Isaacs, it is well shot and has some great visual FX as well as some of the best Make-up FX in the entire series.
With a peppy script by Todd Farmer, the story is utterly preposterous, but maintains logic within its world. I can’t fault a movie that just goes for it like JASON X does. The film is very clever at times and maintains a decent pace that never lets up.
At the beginning of the film, we find that Jason has been captured and after trying to kill him with no success, the army decides to experiment on him instead of cryo-freezing him much to the chagrin of his jailer, Rowan (Lexa Doig). As you would expect, Jason gets loose and after killing everyone in arm’s reach, he and Rowan get trapped in the cryo-tube and frozen.
Cut to over 500 years later and they are discovered by a group of archeology students out on a field trip with their professor (Jonathan Potts). Having no clue how dangerous Jason is, he’s inadvertently thawed out and continues his murder spree. This time in space! Well, more precisely on a spaceship.
The movie devolves into a bit of a remake of ALIEN(S), but Farmer keeps it fresh enough not to be too obvious. The characters are pretty much your genre stereotypes, but they somehow manage to rise above the material and make you care that at least a few of them survive. Played by Kane Hodder for a fourth time, Jason is pretty badass in both his “classic” appearance and then as the nano-upgraded “über-Jason” who could give The Terminator a run for his money.
I’m giving JASON X a “So Bad it’s Good” rating because I fear that I’ll lose all credibility as a reviewer if I flat out say I just plain like it. I mean “Jason in Space” what’s not to like?!

NOVEMBER 1, 2013


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