It took a great many years to get the two titans of horror to battle one another on screen but the filmmakers finally got it together and we got FREDDY vs. JASON. For obvious reasons, I want to like this movie and it does have some good aspects. Unfortunately, the bad ones weigh it down.
My big problem with the film is the human characters. They are vapid and uninteresting and their motivations are all over the place. I’m not expecting CITIZEN KANE worthy characters, but this lot is circling the bottom of the barrel with not even a whiff of realism.
One of my biggest complaints in horror movies is when characters are not logically impacted by the death of their friends. It seems at every turn these high schoolers are yucking it up just days (even hours) after close friends have been savagely butchered. I know this is a conceit of many horror movies, but that is not an excuse. There’s no reason why they can’t mourn for their friends while trying to stay one step ahead of the boogeyman. FREDDY VS. JASON takes it to ludicrous extremes to the point where I was constantly commenting on how stone cold these people were.
The premise of the film is worthy of note; Freddy Krueger is trapped in hell and unable to escape due to the fact that he has been utterly forgotten about (This dream demon is powered by how much people fear him). So he gets the bright idea of using Jason Voorhees as a blunt weapon to make Springwood believe that Freddy has returned thus generating the power he needs to break free and continue the slaughter of innocents.
His plan goes well at first until he realizes that Jason is uncontrollable and ultimately needs to be taken out if Freddy is going to be the top man in town. There is also some drama with the kids of Springwood, but like I said above; who cares?
I’ll give the film points for its style and pacing and the fight sequences really deliver. Energetically directed by Hong Kong’s Ronny Yu, the clash of the titans lives up to the expectations of the title and there is more spurting blood than you could ever want from a movie like this.
The movie is worth watching just for the sheer audacity of it and the epic battle is quite entertaining. It’s just a shame that the rest of the movie couldn’t have lived up to the potential.



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NOVEMBER 2, 2013