TWIXT (2012)

NOVEMBER 8, 2013


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While watching TWIXT I kept on repeating to myself in disbelief: “This is the man who brought us the cinematic masterworks, THE GODFATHER and APOCALYPSE NOW.” Am I in Bizarro World?
I’ve been informed that Francis Ford Coppola made this movie as an experiment and he was trying to “reinvent” cinema. If this is the future of movies then I’ll stop watching here.
I knew nothing about TWIXT before I watched it. I had not seen the trailer and vaguely remembered that Coppola had made a new horror film. Within 4 minutes (no joke) my jaw was on the ground and I turned to my wife (who doesn’t work in the industry) with a flummoxed look on my face. She simply said to me, “This feels like a really bad student film.” Sadly, I agreed.
Within 20 minutes, she had completely checked out. Twixt turning it off and continue watching (See what I did there, I used the word “twixt” in my review!), I decided to continue watching. I was determined to at the very least, get a MOVIE A DAY review out of the already misused time. I figured I could weather another hour of this. Boy, how wrong I was. I should have quit while I was behind.
The plot has an almost Stephen King-esque feel. A failing mystery author on a book tour stops off in a quaint town marred by a past tragedy. He’s coerced into staying longer when he realizes that the past events could hold a possible future for him (aka it would make a great next novel). But the town holds dark secrets and before you know it, the ghosts of the murdered children want an end to their suffering as much as the author needs one for his story.
The cast includesVal Kilmer, Bruce Dern, Ben Chaplin and Elle Fanning. You would think with this talent that TWIXT would have some great potential. You’d be wrong. Not only is the script a mess but the dialogue takes the actors down with it. The film has almost no visual flair and you know how they say that the best editing is when you don’t notice it? I noticed it. A lot!
I have the utmost respect for Mr. Coppola that’s why I’m so baffled by this film. This was a chore to sit through and there’s really nothing to recommend here. I’m giving it 1 Reel because yelling at the screen for an hour and a half did at least keep me entertained.