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THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA came out the same year and I remember thinking before I saw them that I would probably enjoy CAPTAIN AMERICA more. I had never read the THOR comics and it just seemed like it might be a tough pill to swallow and might be too cheesy for my tastes.
Boy, was I wrong. THOR works! It has a few missteps but for the most part it’s fun and entertaining from beginning to end. Chris Hemsworth is charismatic as the God of thunder and Tom Hiddleston owns the role of Loki.
Directed by Kenneth Brannagh, the film has a Shakespearean flavor that adds to its success. There is turmoil in the land of Asgard because on the eve of Thor being named the new king to succeed his father Odin (a scene chewing Anthony Hopkins), an old enemy rears his head and attacks the capital disrupting the peace. Instead of handling the situation with diplomacy, the brash Thor goes on the counter attack and rekindles a war. Unfortunately Thor is a pawn in a game being played out by his jealous brother Loki who desires the thrown for himself.
Thor is ultimately stripped of his powers and banished to Earth to atone for his behavior. It is here that he meets the love struck Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and her fellow scientists researching the odd phenomena that have been plaguing a small town in New Mexico. When Loki sends a deadly advocate to take out Thor once and for all, Jane and the town get caught in the crossfire and with none of his powers; Thor has to dig deep and discover a new way to save the world.
The film plays out like an epic fantasy and like IRON MAN has fun with the material never taking it too seriously. The aspect I find most amazing is that Thor himself is truly realized onscreen. Kudos go to the costume designer for making a costume that could have been a joke into something that looks, well, pretty darn cool! THOR made me a fan and I can’t wait to see the sequel!

THOR (2011)

NOVEMBER 12, 2013