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THE STUFF (1985)

A goofy (and gooey), tongue-in-cheek sci-fi/horror movie about consumerism, THE STUFF has a fun premise but is limited by a low budget and some uneven acting.
As B-movies goes, THE STUFF is certainly inventive and doesn’t take itself too seriously allowing you to go for the ride and enjoy it as long as you don’t over think it.
The plot concerns some white goo that has bubbled up from the Earth’s core that might be the best dessert the world has ever known, rivaling even ice cream. But “The Stuff” (as it’s been branded by the company that “manufactures” it), is not a food product at all, but a sentient entity that can take over your body ala INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS while it dissolves you away from the inside.
FBI agent Moe Rutherford (Michael Moriarty) is hired by the dairy industry to find out what’s really going on and it’s he, along with a band of non-believers that uncovers the awful truth.
The effects are adequate for the time period and budget and the film is certainly entertaining enough to hold your interest. Not a classic, but worth a watch if you’re up for something light and frothy.

NOVEMBER 14, 2013