NOVEMBER 17, 2013

Most of you probably have not heard of WINDY CITY HEAT as it was a Comedy Central TV movie that only aired a few times upon its initial broadcast in 2003. Since then it has gone on to attain a cult status and deservedly so.
This is by far one of the most painfully funny movies I have ever seen and even after multiple (and I mean multiple) viewings, it hasn’t lost an ounce of its bite.
Touted as one of the most elaborate practical jokes of all time, the “documentary” follows real life wanna-be Actor Perry Karavello who fancies himself the next Robert DeNiro (and/or Steven Segal) yet lacks any discernable acting talent. What he lacks in talent, he makes up for in spades with a massive ego and if anybody were deserving of being taken down a notch or two, Perry would be it. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone so vain and arrogant and it this precisely that makes his comeuppance an easier pill to swallow.
Comedians Jimmy Kimmel, Tony Barbieri and Don Barris have been screwing with Perry for more than a decade. He is an easy mark because of a natural gullibility. Their crowning effort is chronicled in this film. They have managed to convince Perry that he has landed the lead role in the film “Stone Fury, Sports Private Eye.” The movie only exists as an excuse to toy with Perry throughout (and after) its production.
They are relentless in their pranks. Some are innocent and designed to show Perry’s true colors while others are pretty darn malicious but hilarious nonetheless. Perry buys this hook, line and sinker. His ego can’t conceive of any other options than he is anything but a true bonafide movie star.
This movie may not be for everybody, but if you enjoy movies like BORAT, JACKASS and BAD GRANDPA than this is a MUST SEE MOVIE.