Also known as TIMERIDER: THE ADVENTURE OF LYLE SWAN, this time travel tale sends a pro motorcyclist back to the wild west. Produced by The Monkees’ Michael Nesmith and directed by William Dear (HARRY & THE HENDERSONS), the movie is at lightweight as it comes.
The plot could not be more simplistic, Lyle Swan (Fred Ward) happens to ride through a time experiment in progress while out in the Arizona desert. Transported back to the old west, he never quite figures out he’s back in time. When outlaw Reese (Peter Coyote) sees the bike, he decides he wants it and for the rest of the movie he tries to get it. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Ward has a few minutes of free time to bang Claire (Belinda Bauer), the local hottie who turns out to be his great grandmother. Yuck!
In the accompanying behind the scenes featurette, Nesmith and Dear are quite emphatic that they just wanted to make a fun movie and weren’t too concerned about plot or character. I’ll give them this, the movie is entertaining, but there isn’t any meat on the bone. So if you just want a quick ride in the old west with no heavy lifting involved, take a trip with Lyle Swan…or not.


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NOVEMBER 24, 2013