DECEMBER 7, 2013


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THIS IS THE END is one of the most hilarious and audacious movies I’ve seen in awhile. It really shouldn’t work, but it REALLY does and if you like filthy, off-color humor than this is the movie for you.
Mind you, it plays better with a crowd. The first time I saw it was with a raucous mob at 10:50pm on opening night. This time I watched it with my wife in the comfort of our home. It still holds up and both of us were laughing out loud, but the palpable energy of the crowd makes it a much more enjoyable experience. The take away from that is: Watch this movie with friends.
The title says it all; It is the “End of Days” as foretold in the bible and those who are not chosen by God in the early minutes of The Rapture are doomed to hell on Earth unless they can find salvation. Hi-larious!!!
As you can imagine Seth Rogan (playing himself, as are all the actors in this film) and his self-absorbed Hollywood chums are not amongst God’s chosen and have to survive the chaos in James Franco’s bunker-like mansion. They include Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson and a scene-stealing Danny McBride.
As I said, this movie is not for those with delicate sensibilities. There are dick, fart and rape jokes galore, but if you can get in on the joke, it’s also non-stop funny.
My only real complaint is that a good majority of the film takes place in Franco’s home and the location gets a little tedious at times. I’m sure this was a budgetary issue, as when they do wander off from the safety of the house, the Special FX are top-notch and quite unexpected at times. You almost feel like you stepped into the very heart of Mordor in regards to the design and quality.
So, if you’re looking for some quality entertainment with an edge then spend your last days with Seth Rogan & Co. and go out with a bang.
THIS IS THE END of my review.