AMERICAN HUSTLE is sheer perfection. I loved every minute of this exceptional movie and it was a joy to watch from start to finish.
Very loosely based on a scandal that brought down a number of high profile politicians in the 1970’s, AMERICAN HUSTLE follows con man Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) and his partner Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams) as they are forced to work for the FBI by Agent Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper). As Irving and Sydney have high aspirations in the con world, so does Richie in making a name for himself in law enforcement. The big difference is that Irving knows where to draw the line.
Out of control and drunk with power, Richie gets the group way over their heads as he aims high for a top tier Mob boss. Making matters even more complicated is the involvement of Richie’s wife Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence). Unpredictable and bitter, she throws more than a wrench into the already malfunctioning machine that threatens to not only destroy the investigation, but their lives as well.
This film is a masterwork and an instant classic. Reminiscent of Martin Scorsese’s GOODFELLAS, it’s a dizzying look at the inner working of a segment of society we rarely have access to.
A follow up to the superb THE FIGHTER and last year’s fantastic SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, Director David O. Russell is adroit at taking drama and infusing it with a comedic truth that is simply astonishing at times.
He also knows how to get the best performances out of his actors. AMERICAN HUSTLE is a master class on acting. Everyone on screen simply inhabits their characters, disappearing completely into their roles. It’s no wonder that as the awards season begins to ramp up that they are being recognized for their work.
Impossible not to love and respect, AMERCAN HUSTLE is by definition, a MUST SEE MOVIE.

DECEMBER 13, 2013