Given that I’m a huge “DOCTOR WHO” geek and am curious about the new “Doctor” aka Peter Capaldi, I wanted to see him in action. People have been raving about his character Malcolm Tucker on a popular British series called “THE THICK OF IT” and I was pleasantly surprised to find a feature film spin-off movie called IN THE LOOP, which also stars the late James Gandolfini. 

I have not laughed so hard in a while. A cross between Kubrick’s DR. STRANGELOVE and BBC’s “THE OFFICE,” it follows a British minor minister of international development named Simon Foster (Tom Hollander) who can’t help but say the wrong things to the wrong people, the press included. When he casually suggests to a reporter that the war is possible in the “unforeseeable future” he sparks a shit storm of problems for the British and American governments and unwittingly becomes a key player to help push the war initiative through. 

His immediate superior, communications director Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi), desperately tries to keep the reigns tight on Foster with some of the most offensive haranguings that you’re likely to see on film, but it’s to no avail as Foster is an expert of putting his foot in his mouth and making matters far worse than they need to be. 

Gandolfini plays General Miller, who has a cool, loveable exterior but underneath is brewing with resentment, especially when he’s not afforded the respect he feels he’s earned or when his war record is challenged. 

I absolutely loved this movie and have been raving about it since I watch it to anyone who’d listen. High satire at its best, it makes you wonder how outrageous some of these machinations really are

IN THE LOOP (2008)

DECEMBER 28, 2013


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