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Subtitled: The Story of Wikileaks, WE STEAL SECRETS is a fascinating look into the very nature of secrets and whistleblowers. The movie presents the material in a matter of fact manner with warts and all allowing the viewer to make their own opinions about Julian Assange and his Internet brainchild.


The documentary focuses much of its time on the events that led a U.S. military private named Bradley Manning to release thousands of highly classified documents to Assange. If released to the public, these documents about the Afghanistan War would reveal the true nature of the war and how the American people have been given misinformation about casualties and torture.


On the flip side, information contained within could expose many people and put their lives in danger, including soldiers still at war. 


WE STEAL SECRETS examines the pros and cons of free press including the fine line that separates courageous heroes from hypocritical criminals.


Assange is a beguiling individual. He has an assured arrogance that both works for him and against him. Willing to do whatever is necessary to get the truth to the people, he makes followers as easily as he makes enemies. But hubris is a slippery slope and when he flies too close to the sun, he gets burned by scandals that, even if they are pure fiction, still manage to unravel everything he has worked so hard on accomplishing.


He is a difficult person to like, but he also has a certain charm that draws you in and makes you want to drink the Kool-Aid. By the end I didn’t know whether I should be rooting for his victory or for his downfall and that’s what makes this documentary so riveting to watch and consider long after the credits roll.

FEBRUARY 4, 2014