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FEBRUARY 6, 2014

ALL IS LOST (2013)

I’ll admit that I had to force myself to watch ALL IS LOST. I had been told how great it is but the idea of watching someone for an hour and forty-five minutes struggle to keep a boat afloat with barely any dialogue didn’t exactly sound like it would hold my interest for the trip.


Once again, I’ll happily admit when I’m wrong. ALL IS LOST is a harrowing tale that kept me riveted from start to finish.


Robert Redford portrays the only character in the film. We know nothing about him other than that he is perfectly at home on his yacht in the middle of the ocean and assured at how to handle disasters when they strike. And they strike one after the other, but he always remains calm and deals with the problems in exacting fashion.


Unfortunately in this tale of “Man against Nature,” nature has the upper hand and no matter how he tries, eventually (as the title suggests) all is lost.


The film is beautifully made and dynamic with striking photography.


The entire film is physical: Actions, not words. And I can only imagine that Redford didn’t do all the stunts. But I’ll be damned if I know when it might have been a double because he appeared to be clearly visible at all times which is even more remarkable for someone his age.


The best I can compare ALL IS LOST to is GRAVITY. Both films deal with similar situations and themes. What can you do to survive when it looks like all hope is gone? 


Set sail with ALL IS LOST, it’s a voyage worth taking.