I absolutely loved THE LEGO MOVIE. From start to finish it is clever, witty and downright funny. Not only is it a great film for kids but it also works equally (if not better) for adults. 

Emmett (Chris Pratt) is an ordinary LEGO minifigure who is more than happy to go with the flow and follow instructions to the letter. Though the one component that’s missing from his worker-bee life is someone to share it with. 

In a moment of happenstance, he stumbles upon a mythic “part” known as the “piece de resistance” and is mistaken for a very special individual who could hold the power to save the entire LEGO universe. 

Joined by a fellowship of random “Masterbuilders” he must prove to himself that he has value even though nobody (not even himself) sees it within him. 

Packed with twists and turns, the biggest surprise comes from a third act revelation (I won’t spoil) that adds a whole new dimension to the film. 

Stacked to the top shelf with supporting characters from almost every major brand you can imagine, the film is extraordinary in its inventiveness and creativity. It has such a visual “wow” factor that I’m sure I missed a lot of the meticulous detail the first time around. 

The casting is brilliant with key supporting roles voiced by Will Farrell, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett and Charlie Day. Additionally, Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman give standout performances that allow them to have goofy delight with their characters that poke fun at the flesh and blood roles they typically play. 

For my final word, I will let THE LEGO MOVIE speak for itself as it does so fittingly in the purposefully mind-numbing theme song sung by its denizens: “Everything is awesome!”


FEBRUARY 9, 2014