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MARCH 2, 2014

The CRITTERS movies have always been unfairly compared with the GREMLINS ones even though they are more sci-fi than fantasy and have a larger scope in narrative. Obviously GREMLINS and its (no as great) sequel are more slickly made and have much better production value, there is something to be said for the inventiveness of the CRITTERS films and what they try to accomplish on such a low budget. 

The first CRITTERS film is definitely the best of the series but the others have their merits. CRITTERS 2: THE MAIN COURSE is a continuation of the original and attempts to expand every aspect of the franchise with some success. 

Bradley Brown (Scott Grimes) returns to the small Kansas town of Grover’s Bend two years after the events of the first film. He’s there to visit his grandma over Easter break from school. Known as “the boy who cried Critter” nobody believes his story of the furry space monsters that terrorized his family. He’d rather put it behind him as well. 

Unfortunately, a batch of Kryte eggs have been in hibernation in a cold barn during that time and they are soon discovered and taken to warmer accommodations. In no time, the Krytes are bursting from their shells, ready to devour anything or anyone in their path. 

Luckily, Charlie (Don Opper) and the intergalactic bounty hunters from the first film are headed back to Earth to clean up the mess. Teaming up with Bradley and the perky Megan (Liane Alexandra Curtis), they gather the townsfolk together to eradicate the Critters once and for all. 

CRITTERS 2 is meant to be a fun horror comedy and even though there’s some body chomping going on, the blood is kept to a minimum (The film is rated PG-13). The Puppet work by the ChiodoBros. is well down considering the budget as well as the special effects. They’re on a Roger Corman level but not without their charm. 

Written by Mick Garris (who also directed) and David Twohy (The RIDDICK films) the movie moves at a good pace and once the Critter action starts it heads towards an inventive, yet predictable conclusion with a gosh-golly-gee appeal. 

Not a great movie, it’s still worth a look if you like your comedy/horror with a little bite.