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A can’t think of another TV Series that has affected me in the way that GAME OF THRONES does. Some shows have episodes here and there that strike at my emotional center, but not at the consistency that Gorge R. R. Martin’s rich tapestry does. 

Given that this is now the second time I have seen Series 3, I was obviously aware this time of what was coming in Episode 9: “The Rains of Castermere” (NO SPOILERS). It made the preceding events that much more grueling at times and the sense of loss became even more palpable. I almost couldn’t bear to watch it again. 

Season 3 focuses on the continuing war between the five kings and the aftermath of a failed attempt by Stannis Baratheon to seize control. Robb Stark continues his campaign against the Lannistersand manages to find love in the process. 

King Joffrey, corrupted by power but shackled by youth becomes more reprehensible as any semblance of humanity seems to escape him. This moral unwinding affects most notably Sansa Stark and his brother Tyrion who he treats like playthings. 

Jon Snow has fallen in with the Wildlings even though he secretly maintains his loyalty to the Night’s Watch and Daenerys Targaryen builds her army on a quest to stamp out slavery and earn an army that will live and die for her. 

Each disparate storyline could be the basis for its own series as they are ALL compelling and engaging. This is because the writing, acting and damn near everything else on the show are of such a high caliber that it has raised the bar impossibly high for most shows on the small (and large) screen. 

I cannot urge you enough to watch GAME OF THRONES. You still have plenty of time (assuming you binge-watch) to catch up before Season 4 premieres in a few weeks. 

GAME OF THRONES is television drama at its best and MUST SEE viewing!

MARCH 11-15, 2014