BAD MILO (2013)

MARCH 28, 2014

I have no problem with completely gonzo movies and it doesn’t take a genius that (once you hear the premise) BAD MILO doesn’t take itself too seriously. Though ultimately I found the film flat and uninspired, riddled with cliché dialogue and structure. 

Duncan (Ken Marino) leads a VERY stressful life. His job is going down the toilet, his mother is a nag and even his understanding girlfriend is pressuring him to have a child. This leads to physical ailments, but not as one would expect. 

For as you see… wait for it… Duncan has more than an intestinal node, he has a pintsized creature growing in his ass that when the stress builds to a breaking point, will extricate itself and exact revenge on the people causing him said stress. 

As you can imagine this complicates his life quite a bit as the creature takes bloody retribution on everyone in Duncan’s world including the people he loves. 

This could be a fun midnight movie ala what Troma Pictures (THE TOXIC AVENGER, SURF NAZIS MUST DIE) were making in the 1980s, but instead of adding any new twists or points of view, it’s exactly what Troma was doing and that’s not a compliment. 

I don’t mind that the effects are somewhat cheesy and puppety, that’s supposed to be part of the charm, its that the plot is just so typical in its structure that you’re already ahead of the game by the time Milo makes his first appearance. It reminded me of films like BASKET CASE and BRAIN DAMAGE which really went for it in regards to insanity. 

Typically you don’t watch movies like BAD MILO for the acting, but this film has a great pedigree with some fine comic actors including Gillian Jacobs, Patrick Warburton, Kumail Nanjiani and Stephen Root. Unfortunately, they are criminally underused, as the script doesn’t give them a lot to play with. 

I was hoping for an over-the-top fun movie from BAD MILO and what I got instead was the other thing that comes out of butts (okay, that’s a little harsh, butt it was too funny not to say…oh look I used the word “butt” again!)


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