THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL is a charming and enchanting tale and certainly one of Wes Anderson’s best. 

I’ll be upfront that I’m very hit and miss when it comes to Wes Anderson’s films. He is beyond a doubt an exceptional filmmaker but some of his films don’t engage me as much as others. I love BOTTLE ROCKET (1996), RUSHMORE (1998) and FANTASTIC MR. FOX (2009), but was left a little bewildered by THE ROAYL TANENBAUMS (2001) and THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STVE ZISSOU (2004) and I just could not get into MOONRISE KINGDOM (2012) but it was for not a lack of trying. 

But there was no question from the first few minutes of his newest film that it was going to be a wonderful and magical journey. 

A tale within a tale within a tale, THE GRAND BUDAPEST ultimately tells the story of Zero Moustafa (portrayed by Tony Revolori as a young man and F. Murray Abraham later in life) and his friendship with M. Gustave (Ralph Fiennes), the concierge of the Grand Budapest. 

To give much more detail would be to ruin the fun of the film, but it involves murder, theft, war and more intrigue than one could imagine all handled with aplomb and whimsy by Andersons deft skill as a filmmaker. 

The film is replete with roles for almost every Anderson stalwart but the movie belongs to Fiennes who I hope is remembered come Oscar time. He is such a well-conceived character who as Mr.Moustafa recounts was born far after his time. I have a few niggling complaints but they are so minor that they are not even worth mentioning.

Ultimately, it would be almost impossible to not be taken in by THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL. Treat yourself to a stay; it’s worth the trip.


APRIL 4, 2014