APRIL 29, 2014

JAWS 3 is so utterly awful in so many ways that I don’t even know where to begin. What’s most remarkable is that it’s written by Carl Gottlieb (who wrote the original JAWS and its quality sequel JAWS 2) and the great Richard Matheson. How these two could fashion a story so lackluster is the greatest mystery here. 

This time we find ourselves in San Diego and Sea World itself where Mike Brody (Dennis Quaid) now works. As “irony” would have it, the week his younger brother Sean (John Putch) shows up for a visit, so does a 10 ft. great white shark. 

It has snuck in through Sea World’s sea gate and has started to feed. But with the help of dolphin trainer, Kathryn Morgan (Bess Armstrong) and the visiting famed oceanographer Phillip FitzRoyce (Simon MacCorkindale), they capture the shark to put on display in the ocean park. 

Unfortunately, it dies in captivity. To make matters worse, its mother (a 35ft. great white) also made it pass the sea gate and doesn’t take to kindly to the capture of its child. All hell breaks loose and some people die. 

There might have been something that could have been salvaged by this somewhat interesting premise and at least it’s markedly different from the first two, but it just doesn’t work. The acting is subpar and so is the lackluster direction by Joe Alves (who was the Production Designer and 2nd Unit Director on JAWS and JAWS 2). 

For those who don’t know, JAWS 3 was released theatrically in 3D and not the good 3D we have today, but the crappy version that looks even worse when watched in 2D. The filmmakers seemed more interested in having blood and guts pop from the screen instead of engaging characters or a coherent plot. 

The best thing about JAWS 3 is the Teaser Trailer. I suggest you watch that instead.


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JAWS 3 (1983)