One of the many horror films of the early 80’s to try and capitalize off the success of FRIDAY THE 13th (1980), MADMAN is devoid of plot and is only entertaining if you choose to make fun of the inane plotting, bad Make-up FX and cornball acting. 

Here’s the plot; Counselors at a summer camp are stalked by “Madman” Marz (Paul Ehlers), a deranged farmer who killed his family and was then lynched by the town. But his body disappeared and some claim that he still roams the backwoods with an axe to grind. 

Everything about the film is poorly executed and/or derivative. 

Everything…except the lighting.

I know this is going to sound bizarre, but MADMAN is remarkably well lit. They’ve chosen a really nice color palette and there are some truly gorgeous looking shots. It’s a shame that it’s all in service of a complete waste of time. 

I honestly have nothing more to say about this movie. It’s terrible… But, if you want a good chuckle and like to watch movies to ridicule than MADMAN will certainly keep you entertained for 88min, like it did for me.

MADMAN (1981)

MAY 7, 2014