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The MUST SEE documentary THE INVISIBLE WAR is an utterly jaw-dropping and eye-opening probe into the epidemic of rape in the military and the military’s chain of command’s inability to deal with it in any way other than to cover it up or to continue victimizing the victims. 

Director Kirby Dick let’s the actual victims of sometimes-countless rapes speak for themselves about not only the attacks, but also the absolute horror that followed when they were the ones punished by their higher ups. 

What’s worse is that most of the perpetrators were never charged with crimes due to the fact that the squad Commanders had full authority to chose whether to investigate or not and many of them were either friends with the rapists or the rapists themselves. This created an environment where a serial rapist could go unpunished forever and even rise in the ranks. 

The rapes number in the hundred of thousands and the military has known about the problem for decades seemingly without doing anything to stop it other than informational videos that are more about placing blame on the victim rather than the attacker. 

What is so heartbreaking is that these women truly believed in the military and joined for the right reasons. These are the soldiers we want defending our country. Yet, as a statistic shows, it is more likely that a female soldier will be raped in the military than be killed. 

If that isn’t shocking enough, many of these women were not only psychologically wounded but also physically wounded by the attacks and the military has made it (and continues to make it) a near herculean effort to get medical help or assistance. 

As much as THE INVISIBLE WAR is hard to watch without getting angry, it’s an important film to see especially if you have friends or loved ones that serve our country in the armed forces. As this documentary shows, rape is an act of violence and is not only relegated to female soldiers and the more this is exposed, the sooner the problem will have to be met head on.

MAY 20, 2014