MAY 27, 2014

THE MUMMY (1959)


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After their much-deserved success with THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1957) and THE HORROR OF DRACULA (1958), Hammer films set their sights on another classic monster and in 1959 delivered THE MUMMY. 

One of the best of their impressive oeuvre, THE MUMMY once again reunites those venerable Hammer stars Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. 

This time Cushing plays John Banning, an archeologist who has trespassed into the grave of Princess Ananka in Egypt. This awakens her mummified lover Kharis (Christopher Lee) who doesn’t take too kindly to the grave robbers. 

He follows them back to England where he seeks revenge on those they disturbed Ananka’s eternal slumber.

With Terence Fisher at the helm and a taut script by Jimmy Sangster, the film is Hammer Horror at its best. It also features some great special effects including the truly creepy and iconic look of Lee’s mummy. 

If you’re a fan of classic horror done well then it would be a crime to skip THE MUUMY. I like the Universal Mummy films but the Hammer ones are much more visceral and fun.