Dear lord, TRESPASS is god-awful. 

A movie with this talent (aka Nicholas Cage & Nicole Kidman) and a director who should know better (aka Joel Schumacher), shouldn’t be this terrible.

But it is. 

Kyle Miller (Nicholas Cage) seems to have it all. A beautiful wife (Nicole Kidman), a self-assured daughter (Liana Liberto) and an über-expensive home in a private community. But it’s all a façade and the Miller’s are on the verge of loosing everything. So, a poorly timed home invasion in search of a stash of diamonds is more unwanted than usual. 

I’m not going any further into detail, because it basically follows the same plotting as every other home invasion flick, except this time I really wished the invaders would put me out of my misery instead of the Millers. 

The characters do stupid things and don’t escape when they’re given the chance. It all gets really dumb and ludicrous very fast and logic leaves even before the invasion arrives. 

I’m not going to waste anymore of your time, other than to tell you to avoid this movie at all costs.


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MAY 28, 2014