Playing like a sci-fi/war version of GROUNDHOG DAY (1993), EDGE OF TOMORROW is a fast-paced, brain twister that may fall a tad short in its final act, but nonetheless satisfies with clever plotting and wit. 

The Earth has been invaded by Mimics, metallic squid-like invaders, and years later, the United Defense Force has figured out a way to finally stop them. As they prepare for a massive D-Day invasion, Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) who has skirted by as a press liaison has found himself stripped of his rank and deposited on the frontline. 

Completely unprepared for combat, he is killed within minutes of the assault which is ultimately doomed for complete failure. But then something unusual happens; he wakes up quite alive a day before his misadventure. He soon realizes that he has somehow been infected by the Mimics and will relive the same day every time he’s killed. 

Cage quickly learns that his fate isn’t a foregone conclusion and over the course of reliving the same day hundreds of times, he might actually figure out a way to defeat the enemy. His odds greatly increase when he teams up with Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), a war hero, who holds even more secrets that could ultimately turn the tide for the human race. 

What could have become tedious is anything but in the capable hands of Director Doug Liman. Working on a script that would seem impossible to make coherent, the end result is a marvel of storytelling. With the always-excellent Cruise as our guide, we discover as he does, learning more and more as we go.

With this said, even by sci-fi standards the filmmakers ask you to accept a lot and the ability to suspend your disbelief goes part and parcel with EDGE OF TOMORROW. Even though I was along for the ride, I did find the Mimics quite formidable as an enemy. So much so that it almost strained credibility that the human race would have ANY hope in defeating them. They just move so damned fast and attack like a Cuisinart with ADD. 

This is a minor complaint though, as the continually moving and evolving story always remains engaging and has a real sense of fun to it. 

I know there are many out there who like to tear Tom Cruise down because of his extracurricular activities, but as a performer, his talent and his choice in films has never disappointed me. Having greatly enjoyed the recent JACK REACHER (2012) and OBLIVION (2013), EDGE OF TOMORROW is another feather in his cap.


JUNE 12, 2014