Considered one of the greatest British crime dramas of all time, GET CARTER didn’t connect with me as I had hoped. Almost too raw at times, it seemed to lack tension until the final Act of the film, which redeemed it quite a bit. 

Gangster Jack Carter (Michael Caine) discovers that his brother has died, but when he arrives in Newcastle, he discovers that he may have been murdered. Carter does a little snooping around much to the annoyance of the local racketeers and they do their best to persuade him to leave. 

But once Carter makes the connection that his brother was murdered to cover up a pornography ring that involves his niece, he only has revenge in mind. He systematically takes out everyone involved having decided that they are all equally to blame. 

Michael Caine gives a fantastic performance and it’s considered one of his best. The movie is worth almost watching him in his prime, but if I’m to be honest, I felt that the first half of the film is slow and seemed to lack a real narrative trust. 

Like many films of that era, things aren’t spelled out for the viewer and even though I was watching attentively, I was often confused and even had to read the synopsis on the back of the Blu-Ray case to make sure I understood the big picture. 

As I mentioned GET CARTER is highly regarded film (It was even remade in 2000 with Sylvester Stallone as the titular character), so you might need to take my review with a grain of salt. I was just surprised at how disconnected I was from it considering that I really enjoy Michael Caine as an actor and I love 70’s films. Go figure.



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JUNE 20, 2014