An EPIX Original Documentary (Available to stream on NETFLIX), DOC OF THE DEAD is one of the better and more comprehensive studies on the zombie film subgenre that has in recent years become mainstream beyond most everyone’s highest expectations. 

Beginning with the dawn of cinema and covering a diverse landscape of films up to WORLD WAR Z (2013) and AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD, I was impressed with the doc’s ability to highlight both obvious as well as arcane fare. 

Though given its short running time of 80min., Zombie subgenres like Nazi zombies and Italian zombies are barely part of the conversation. DOC OF THE DEAD had the potential of being a definite guide to the undead in pop culture and it unfortunately falls short by a smidge. 

But the documentary itself is well paced and equally well researched with some of the top heavy-hitters in the lore both old and new participating. So not only do you get the likes of George A. Romero and Tom Savini but also Max Brooks and Robert Kirkman. 

They also do a good job of discussing the Voodoo mind-control origins of the myth that was ultimately usurped into flesh-eating ghouls as well as discussing the scientific foundation of a zombie-like plague that could befall man. 

DOC OF THE DEAD is quite entertaining and especially if you are a newbie to the genre, a good primer of the big picture. For me knowing a lot about the zombie genre, I was still entertained and even learned a few new tidbits of juicy (and bloody) information.

JUNE 28, 2014