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YOU'RE NEXT (2013)

There was a lot of hype surrounding YOU’RE NEXT and its director Adam Wingard, but if I’m to be honest, I found the movie a tad disappointing as it didn’t elevate the genre enough to merit its copious amount of praise. 

It’s possible that I’ve just had my fill of home invasion movies. They all seem the same to me and adding only a thin layer of extra plot to differentiate it from the others didn’t really impress me. Though much better than THE PURGE (2013), that at least had a clever premise that it unfortunately didn’t live up to. 

This go around of the well-trodden sub-genre finds the adult Davison siblings home to celebrate their parent’s anniversary. They are soon besieged by a trio of animal-masked killers bent on slaughtering everyone. But things are not as cut and dry as they seem and as the evening goes on, the true motive of the killers is revealed. 

YOU’RE NEXT dips its toe into dark humor, but the Grand Guignol of it is so bloody and brutal that it’s hard to find any of it amusing. I’ve sat through many a blood bath over the years (on the silver screen, of course) and I found this one to be a little too malicious for my tastes that at one point I turned to my wife and said “This better all have a point.” It’s one thing to experience horror as a cathartic release, it’s another to just watch people brutalized just for the sensationalism. 

Once the actual plot is revealed, the movie does get better, but it still seemed rather clunky. I don’t want to be all harsh on it because the movie is well made and well shot and I did get the sense that Wingard and screenwriter Simon Barrett were trying to be original, they just didn’t go far enough. 

Horror fans should check it out, but if you have a hard time with bloody gore and extreme violence than you may want to skip this one.

JULY 4, 2014