Before Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Willis were taking out the trash on the big screen, there was mixed martial arts legend Chuck Norris kicking butt and taking names. GOOD GUYS WEAR BLACK was one of his first major film roles to showcase his talents. 

Chuck Norris portrays Vietnam vet John T. Booker who during the end of the Vietnam War is sent on a mission designed to fail. Now years later, the surviving members of that doomed mission are being systematically murdered. 

Teaming up with a mysterious strong-willed woman (Anne Archer), Booker discovers that the corruption goes all the way up to the highest echelons of government and takes matters into his own hands when the system fails him. 

The movie is quaint at best. The fight scenes and action are above average, but are only mildly exciting by today’s high-octane standards. 

The plot is standard fair and ultimately so by the numbers that it packs no surprises or really any reasons to recommend it other than as a curiosity of a bygone era of action films. 

Watch GOOD GUYS WEAR BLACK if you are a Chuck Norris completist, otherwise he has a number of other action films later in his career that far surpass this one.

JULY 9, 2014