JULY 10, 2014




Because I’m a glutton for punishment and it’s sometimes amusing to watch movies of a bygone era, I decided to follow up GOOD GUYS WEAR BLACK (1978) with its actual follow-up A FORCE OF ONE. Only marginally better, it’s still rather lackluster with only limited entertainment value. 

This time Chuck Norris is Vietnam vet Matt Logan (are you noticing a pattern?) who is recruited by the police to teach the officers martial arts to combat against a serial killer using the deadly fighting arts to kill members of the police force. 

At first he is reluctant, but when his adopted son becomes collateral damage, Logan once again takes matters into his own hands (Is the pattern emerging yet?). He teams up with a strong-willed female Detective (Jennifer O’Neill) and together they take out the trash (Come on, people…it’s like the same movie with different window dressing!). 

There’s not much to say about this movie that hasn’t been said in my review of GOOD GUYS WEAR BLACK. It’s fairly generic and other than the aspect that the killer might be one of Logan’s sparring partners, it’s pretty uninspired. 

Even though I watched the two Chuck Norris films back to back, I still confuse what happened in which because they literally feel like disposable movies designed to fill theater seats and nothing more. 

Once again, I can’t recommend this unless you just want to completely turn your brain off and watch something for an hour and a half.