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Based on the Donald E. Westlake novel “The Hunter” which also spawned Mel Gibson’s PAYBACK (1999) and Jason Statham’s PARKER (2013), POINT BLANK is a stylish thriller that delivers on many levels. 

Expert thief Walker (Lee Marvin) is double-crossed by his friend Mal Reese (John Vernon) and his wife Lynne (Sharon Acker) during a heist on the recently closed Alcatraz. Left for dead, Walker returns with a vengeance to seek revenge on those that betrayed him and get the $93 grand that he’s owed from the job. 

The plot is fairly standard fair, but in Director John Boorman’s deft hands, it transcends the genre adding a new wave style not seen in this type of film. 

Gorgeously photographed with rich colors and great use of the widescreen frame, POINT BLANK moves at a steady pace and is as visually compelling as the story itself. 

Marvin as Walker has never been better and he shines with a single-mindedness that boarders on comical at times. Walker doesn’t care what havoc he creates as long as he gets the money that he’s owed. No more, no less. 

What’s also rather remarkable about the film is Walker himself doesn’t kill anyone. But make no mistake many people die around him, indirectly by his hand or by his actions. It’s an oddity especially when we’re so primed to have the main hero do all the dirty work. 

A true classic of the genre, POINT BLANK is a MUST SEE MOVIE and make sure you treat yourself to the remastered version of the film just released on Blu-Ray. The image is crystal clear and the colors pop from the screen in all their 60’s glory.

JULY 12, 2014