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RIDDICK-Unrated Director's Cut (2013)

Given that I sometimes double-up on the movies I see (Seeing them in the theater and then again on Blu-Ray or TV), I think it’s fair that I can repeat a review every once in awhile as this has been happening a lot recently and I can only watch so many movies. I saw RIDDICK upon its initial in September of 2013 and the other day I watched it on Blu-Ray. 

One of the reasons I felt it was worthy of a re-review is that this time I watched the “Unrated Director’s Cut” which features almost 10 more minutes of footage that I felt enhanced the movie for me and made me like it better. 

The footage, which amounts to extra Necromonger scenes at the beginning and the end, ties it more into the second film of the trilogy; THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK (2004). 

Being a big fan of CHRONICLES (I know most aren’t), I appreciated this extra bit of sinew. It also added to smoothing out the pace of the film. 

I also liked RIDDICK more on the second viewing because my expectations were so high when I saw it in the theaters that I left a little disappointed. This time I watched it knowing what to expect and was able to settle into the story a little bit easier. Things that bothered me the first time, didn’t bother me as much and even though it wasn’t as original as CHRONICLES, it still had its own thing going and was less of a rehash of PITCH BLACK (2000), which is originally how I felt. 

All in all RIDDICK is a decent enough sci-fi/action flick and will certainly entertain from start to finish. Not the best of the films thus far, but definitely a quality chapter of a series I hope will continue on.

JULY 18, 2014