A seminal raunchy comedy of the 1980’s, CADDYSHACK still holds up reasonably well, but I would hardly put it in the pantheon of its genre. 

What amounts to a number of story threads as opposed to an over reaching plot, the film concerns itself with the life of the caddies contrasted with the life of the wealthy set that inhabit the exclusiveBushwood Country club. 

But it’s not rich against poor. There are good guys and jerks in both social strata and even a promiscuous socialite who has no problem bedding either the upper or lower class, depending on her mood. 

Danny Noonan (Michael O’Keefe) sets his sights on the scholarship that’s given to a lucky caddie every year. For that he has to suck up to the insufferable Judge Smails (Ted Knight). Meanwhile loudmouth Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield) is making the Judge’s life a living hell and they wager over an illegal doubles tournament that is more about one-upmanship than winning the money.

The cast includes some truly hilarious actors of that and previous generations. I mentioned Knight and Dangerfield but there is also Chevy Chase and Bill Murray who steals the movie as the very off Carl Spackler, assistant greens keeper of Bushwood. A simple man with a simple way of looking at life, when tasked with routing out the gopher problem, Carl resorts to using a dam-busting amount of C4 to make sure he gets the job done. 

Surprisingly most of the jokes hit and still elicit a laugh, but unlike today’s comedies which require a laugh a minute, CADDYSHACK takes its time between riotous hilarity to delight with some character moments. 

Not a great film, but definitely an amusing romp and better than most, CADDYSHACK still entertains and is worth another round if you haven’t played through in a while.


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JULY 27, 2014