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Trying to cash in and create the next big horror icon, CANDYMAN 2: FAREWELL TO THE FLESH is just a rehash of the first film set in a different milieu and ultimately is more disappointing than entertaining. 

Somewhat revising the mythology laid out in the original CANDYMAN (1992), Part 2 shifts the action to New Orleans during the height of Mardi Gras. As it turns out Annie Tarrant (Kelly Rowan) and her brother Ethan (William O’Leary) are descendants of the family that caused slave Daniel Robitaille (Tony Todd) to be tortured, mutilated and murdered. 

Daniel would eventually resurface, as the vengeful supernatural menace known as Candyman and Annie becomes a central part of exactly revenge for the sins of the past. 

Certainly more well-made than most films of its ilk, CANDYMAN 2 still devolves into a fairly generic supernatural slasher movie, heavy on effects and not so heavy on logic or characterization. 

The milieu of New Orleans during Mardi Gras plays out nicely and feels like a natural fit for the hooked maniac, but it’s never fully realized and feels like it could have taken place anywhere in the south. 

Director Bill Condon does a fairly decent job with the look and pacing of the film, but what holds it back is its consistent similarities to the fist film. Some originality would have been nice especially considering that CANDYMAN got everything so right, making this feel like a poor rip-off in every way. 

It’s a shame that they tarnished a potentially interesting franchise so quickly. It’s not surprising that the third film (yes, there is a third!) was even worse and put Candyman to an early grave.

AUGUST 14, 2014