Yikes. CANDYMAN 3: DAY OF THE DEAD is a complete mess and a stunning waste of time. 

The “white girl” in danger this time is busty, BAYWATCH alum, Donna D’Errico, as Caroline, a direct decedent of Daniel Robitaille (Tony Todd) aka “The Candyman.” Having found a number of works of art painted by Daniel, she holds a showing at a local gallery. 

But the gallery owner decides to capitalize off of the Candyman’s legend to sell tickets much to the chagrin of Caroline who thinks he is misunderstood. Hornswoggled into saying his name 5 times into a mirror, Caroline is soon haunted by her great-great-great grandfather who insists she become his “victim” even though he pretty much kills everyone who gets in his way without asking. 

A complete rehash of both the original and its lackluster sequel, to say the CANDYMAN series has run out of steam and ideas is an understatement. CANDYMAN 3 is underwhelming in every imaginable way. From the poor direction, to the melodramatic acting and the threadbare script that consists of no logic and an excessive amount of running around for a film that is barley over an hour and a half in length. 

No joke, the entire film seems to be about D’Errico’s breasts, which are crammed into a series of see-through white tank tops, yet never exposed, even when she is having a good cry in the shower or having sex with her sexy new beau. I might have given the film at least 1 REEL if “they” made an appearance. Please don’t read that as crass, but at least when I watch porn-level quality films there’s at least some titillation (pun intended).




AUGUST 15, 2014