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AUGUST 18, 2014

If you want to see a movie with a melting man than look no further than THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN. But be warned that’s the only thing this laughably simplistic film has got going for it. 

Steve West (Alex Rebar) returns from a doomed mission to Mars with a disease that has his skin literally melting off his body. The military want to keep this tragedy a secret from the world and on the eve of a second attempt at the red planet, West escapes from the military hospital and goes on a killing spree. 

He needs to replenish his dying cells with those of non-melting humans and it appears that eating them is the most efficient way to satisfy that craving. Fortunately NASA researcher Dr. Ted Nelson (Burr De Benning) is on the case with his trusty Geiger counter and pursues the gloopy, ex-astronaut but always seems to be one step behind. 

Will he stop The Melting Man before he kills again? 

To call this movie bad would be too obvious. At not even an hour and a half it overstays its welcome with unimportant scenes that go on too long and a plot that is so simplistic that I overly described it above. 

Director William Sachs is incompetent at best giving even Ed Wood a run for his money and the performances across the board are terrible with first draft (actually rough draft) dialogue. I should also mention that the editing is a complete mess. 

The only reason to watch THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN, other than for a good chuckle, is that it is one of multi-Oscar winning Special FX Make-Up Master Rick Baker’s first films. He evn didn’t want to do it and gave the producer’s an outrageous bid, but they still hired him off the heels of KING KONG and the yet unreleased STAR WARS. What’s even more incredible is that Baker’s team consisted of other future Award-winning FX Artists Rob Bottin and Greg Cannom. 

With all this said, I watched THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN with giddy pleasure and SHOUT FACTORY’s remastered blu-ray is amazing for its transfer as well as a fun and informative interview with the director and Rick Baker himself. 

What can I say, THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN melted my heart.