Having finished up the A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Marathon, I decided I needed a change of pace. Luckily I had a lunch meeting at WARNER BROS. on Friday and afterwards ducked into the studio story and bought THE DIRTY HARRY COLLECTION on Blu-Ray.

First up, The seminal DIRTY HARRY. I have seen this movie I’m assuming a few dozen times since I was a child but I hadn’t watched it in many years, so it was refreshing to watch it with a new perspective.

I’m pleased to say that it holds up quite well. The plot is pretty standard (crazed maniac on the loose), but it is Eastwood’s iconic Harry Callahan that really elevates the story telling. A cop who believes in justice for the victim over the rights of the criminal, Dirty Harry stands constant vigil over San Francisco. In many ways he’s Batman with a badge and Eastwood along with Director Don Siegel truly create a fresh take on a well tread genre that still resonates today.

​What struck me watching it this time was how great Andrew Robinson is as SCORPIO. He gives a truly manic performance and it’s not your typical one dimensional villain. The movie may seem quaint to newer viewers watching now, but when watching it for the first time,  it’s important to understand the impact and influence DIRTY HARRY had on action films from that point on.