You know how sometimes you watch movies just for stupid fun. Need I say more? Look, the fact is HANSEL & GRETEL WITCH HUNTERS is not very good and I would not dare to offer up some kind of artistic merits that are clearly not there.

Simply put, it kept me engaged for an hour and a half and it was nice to see a lot of practical make-up FX being used. Also Gemma Arterton isn’t too hard on the eyes.
The movie is a slightly better version of VAN HELSING, which is a complete mess. I did enjoy the over the top action sequences which were inventive at times and it was kind of a goofy fun experience like ARMY OF DARKNESS.

It definitely didn’t take itself seriously so it would be a little odd to take it to task for not being CITIZEN KANE. With that said, just because a movie doesn’t strive to be the best, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t at least try to make a quality film.