Well what do you know, SUDDEN IMPACT, the fourth film in the DIRTY HARRY Marathon begins with a Murder, a brief intro to Harry Callahan and then he stops to get a cup of coffee where there is a robbery in progress. I guess if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

With that said, I will give the movie a large pass because folks, included in the restaurant scene is one of the most iconic lines in movie history…say it with me… “Go ahead, make my day.” Like Jason’s hockey mask, it’s almost hard to believe that this iconic moment came later in the film series (Jason got his mask in Part 3). It seems such a part of the character that it’s almost hard to believe that it didn’t appear until the fourth film and a whole 10 years since DIRTY HARRY graced the silver screen.
The movie itself is a little uneven and unfocused and for me is the least enjoyable of the franchise so far. The plot involves a woman (Sandra Locke) seeking revenge for the rape of her and her sister at the hands of some small oceanside town locals.

My big problem with the movie is that Harry Callahan seems to get away with murder…literally, as does Sandra Locke. They kill a lot of people (deservedly so) but there doesn’t appear to be consequences of these actions. This lack of believability really harmed the movie for me, as it became more of a dumb 80’s action thriller than what I have grown to expect from the previous films. There are still enough classic “Dirty Harry” moments to save the movie, but I wish given that Eastwood himself directed it, that he would have made a more nuanced film.
I’ll be curious to see how THE DEAD POOL is as I have a vague recollection that I never really liked it. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2013