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SEPTEMBER 12, 2014

A handsomely made movie, THE COLONY unfortunately amounts to “been there, done that” adding nothing new to the already overcrowded post-apocalyptic, survival genre. 

It’s the near future and a second ice age has overtaken the planet. What’s left of the human race live underground in bunkers trying to eek out an existence until either the world fixes itself or they all die from starvation. 

Lead by world-weary Briggs (Laurence Fishburne) and the shoot-first ask questions later Mason (Bill Paxton), the group of survivors might kill each other off before mother nature gets the chance. Any sign of a cold and your put down. God forbid you should infect anyone. 

Running low on supplies to head over to the nearest underground bunker over the icy surface. When they arrive they discover something far worse than the flu. The denizens of this bunker have gone feral and turned to cannibalism. Nearly escaping with their lives (and all limbs intact), the away team unfortunately leads the cannibals back to their home. With no way to keep them out, they are soon invaded and have little chance to defend themselves against the onslaught. 

It’s a shame that for a production that had a lot going for it that it didn’t do anything remotely new or unexpected with the premise. The film plays out exactly as you would expect and the characters and dialogue are just as predictable. 

THE COLONY is certainly above-average for this type of film but compared to others of the genre, especially the recent SNOWPIERCER it pales in comparison.