Having the feel of a fairly solid late 90’s mystery thriller, A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES was a rather satisfying piece of pulp that kept me engaged and thoroughly entertained. 

Based on Lawrence Block’s bestselling series, the film finds Liam Neeson as unlicensed detective Matt Scudder who is tasked with finding out to who kidnapped and murdered a drug dealer’s wife. 

As the mystery unravels, Scudder discovers that this isn’t the first time these killers have perpetrated this crime. He gets pulled into the seedy underbelly of New York drug trafficking and has to rely on his wits and abilities if he’s going to wrap this case up alive. 

I'd be honest when I say that I was a bit reticent about seeing this film as I was getting a little tired of Neeson in the TAKEN-esque action mood. But A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONE has more on its plate than just violence for violence sake. 

Neeson is quite good in the lead and it reminded me why he’s such an engaging actor. The film is fleshed out with some fine supporting roles and it moved at a brisk pace. 

I also appreciated the gritty tone of the film as it felt like a film made for adults. It gets fairly hardcore at times and if you’re squeamish about blood and torture then be prepared for a few moments that might be tough to watch. But this shouldn’t put you off from seeing the film as it’s on par with the amount a film like this should have. 

Dark and disturbing, A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES is aptly named, but it’s also a well-made film noir and I certainly would take another stroll with Matt Scudder if they made a sequel.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2014