RIDDICK (2013)

Being a big fan of both PITCH BLACK (GRADE: A-) and THE CRONICLES OF RIDDICK (GRADE: A-), I was definitely excited to see the 3rd installment of this entertaining sci-fi franchise. I know most will shake their heads in confusion of why I like CHRONICLES so much, it’s because it reminds me of David Lynch’s DUNE and there is some truly spectacular designs and sci-fi ideas going on in that film. Trust me, give it another shot sometime. As space opera’s go, it’s pretty damn great and undeserving of the haters it has.
Unfortunately, the best review I can come up with for RIDDICK is that I mildly liked it. I truly wish I were more enthusiastic about it. It certainly has its moments but the sum of the parts left a little to be desired.
The good is that it’s definitely a continuation of the storylines set up by the first two movies and I like spending time in this universe (multiverse?). Vin is still great as Riddick and there is some creative action and some really terrific creature design by Patrick Tatopoulos.

The bad is that it’s overly long at 1:59 min. and at times it feels like a rehash of the first film. Also there are some subpar visual effects and some of the costuming just didn’t work for me.
I’m glad that this movie exists and I would like to see further entries, but I wish they would make the leaps in bounds in storytelling like they did between the first two films then the step backwards with this one. I felt the first half of the movie worked the best and then it became rather standard in the second half.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2013